Marsala Wine, "Wine of the Sun"

Marsala, “Wine of the sun”, is a wine, and also a Province in Sicily near the city of Trapani. Marsala wine can only be produced, aged, and bottled in Marsala, Pantelleria, and a small surrounding island such as Mozia. In these areas, the weather and atmosphere is absolutely perfect for growing grapes to produce this special wine. The sun shines in these areas, the majority of the year, with gentle sea breezes coming from the south that provide the right condition to temper the island’s abundant heat.  That is why Marsala is called, “Wine of the Sun”.

Ruby Red Marsala Wine
The origin of this magnificent wine, Marsala, dates back hundreds of years. However, it was in the late 17th century when it became well known and respected all over the world. Around 400 AD, during the Arab ruling of Sicily, the Arabs named this area “Mars el'Allah, literally meaning "Port of God," therefore the name Marsala originated.

Marsala is a semi-dry wine enriched with flavors and aromas of toasted almonds, citrus, vanilla, caramel and honey. Marsala uses Grillo, Catarratto, Inzolia and Damaschino grapes for to produce a golden and amber colored Marsala.   It also uses Pignatello, Calabrese, Nerello Mascalese, Nero d’Avola grapes to produce a more ruby red Marsala.
Golden Colored Marsala Wine

Marsala is a delicious wine somewhat diverse from the others because of its fragrance and flavor. It can be served as a cocktail or after dinner drink. In Southern Italy, it is often used to flavor desserts such as cannoli, sfogliatelle, fresh fruit such as strawberries and peaches, and used for cooking with veal, chicken, pasta, eggplant, and fish to name a few.

To view my recipes using Marsala wine, see Shrimp with Orange and Marsala, Pork Chops in Marsala, Southern Italian Ham in Marsala and Fresh Strawberries in Marsala.  You can also use the search tool by simply typing the word "Marsala", and the list of recipes will come up.  Look for more recipes using Marsala wine in the future on this blog. Enjoy!

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