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Costoluto Genovese Heirloom Tomatoes

2 weeks ago I attended a Tomatomania workshop, on how to properly plant and grow heirloom and hybrid tomatoes. I learned that there is a strategy to growing tomatoes. It's important to know when to harvest, what type of tomatoes to grow, and how will the tomatoes be used. I also learned that the seedlings need to be planted 6 feet apart for good sun and air circulation. It's also critical to have the proper soil and setting for the plants as well as good drainage. The most difficult decision that day was choosing among the 150 types available. I selected seedling that would work well in large pots since I want to grow my tomatoes on my deck with my fresh herbs. I've added photos of some of the tomatoes I found most interested and exotic to grow.

Orange Banana Tomatoes

Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge Heirloom Tomatoes

San Marzano Tomatoes

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Here's some tips from that website

… and find the selections that are right for you. A good strategy? Choose early, midseason and late tomatoes. Let the “Days to maturity” on the label be your guide.
Are you shocked to learn that all tomatoes aren’t perfectly round and red? Have fun and amaze your neighbors!
Tomatoes are actually weeds, and they’re tough…but still try to find seedlings with sturdy stems and bright green leaves.
Tomatoes want sun and heat. That’s sun and heat. 6 hours of full sun is the minimum for success.
Red Fig Tomatoes
My pick
When you find the sunny spot, get your hands dirty. Dig deep, add organic amendments liberally and toss in some fertilizer. The better the soil, the better the tomatoes. (Use good planting mix or mostly planting mix – not potting soil – in pots for best results.)
Tomato roots can grow ten feet deep, so get that started when you plant! Snip the lowest leaves and plant deep (yes, even some of the stem!) Leave only the top 3-4 inches of the plant above the surface.
…every 3 or 4 days for the first few weeks. Watch your seedlings and give them only what they need. Once tomatoes start growing, water deeply and infrequently. As tomatoes grow, the plant will inevitably yellow in places… more water won’t fix that. Avoid watering too much. Too much water dilutes taste!
Speckled Roman Tomatoes
A couple handfuls at planting, and again once the plants begin to flower. That’s all it should need unless you know your soil is desperately lacking in nutirents.. Foliar feeding along the way is a good idea, just don’t overdo it. Container growers, you need to feed just a bit more – every ten to fourteen days.
Some of your plants may get enormous! Help them out… particularly the big guys…with bamboo stakes or the cage of your choice – or the side of the house. Just hold them up!
Watch your tomatoes each day in order to note any change that might signal a problem.

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