Chez Toi, A Perfect Grocery List

Although we are experiencing some challenges economically, this should not hinder us from enjoying everything that life has to offer.  This includes having the pleasure of sharing good food with people that matter to you.  Something you need to take note of is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to serve an impressive gourmet meal.  In fact, it can be a great deal of fun to plan just the right meal, acquire all the items on your gourmet healthy grocery list, and create a dinner affair to remember.

So, how does the structure of a perfect meal work?  The following will help ensure that eating at home with guests runs smoothly from start to finish.

When expected guests start pouring in, and the meal is not yet ready, don’t panic.  You need to serve something to them that will make waiting more pleasurable.  This is where aperitifs come in.  Not only will they permit guests to socialize with each other while waiting, but they also stimulate their appetites. Look for wines that are fresh, young, and crisp. Steer clear of bold reds because these are too intense at the start of the meal.  When you want something else aside from wine, why not try vodka with a mixer or a gin and tonic?  Now is the time to be more innovative and creative with some dry white wine, lemon juice, Perrier or a vermouth, and orange juice.  Keep in mind that you need to keep it refreshing and light.

Appetizers or Hors d' Oeuvres
These are also known as starters, snacks, or finger food usually served before the main course of the meal. These appetizers will help you finish things up in the kitchen when guests start coming in, without boring them to death from waiting.  One helpful tip is to prepare something that is simple and doesn’t take too much time to prepare.  You can try some buffalo wings, deviled eggs, cold cuts, cheeses, and more.

Main Course
This is probably considered the main event of the occasion.  When preparing your main course, you need to be creative and be sensitive to the food preferences of your guests.  When you are planning out your main course, you can check out your local supermarket to see what fresh vegetables are in season and use those veggies in the dish. 

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, but what’s a gourmet meal without dessert?  Dessert is convenient to serve, since you can prepare it ahead of time.  Some of the best desserts include classic chocolate cake,  chocolate tart, carrot cakes, and more. Explore your options.

After enjoying sweet treats, a bitter coffee does a great job to complete the meal.  This is called the digestif.  Aside from coffee, you also have several choices when it comes to digestifs.  Some examples include fortified wine, grappa, and whiskey.

So, you see, you don’t have to spend a fortune in a fancy restaurant just to enjoy a gourmet meal.  All you need is the right company and the right kind of food prepared with the utmost care!

Written by  Melissa C., who enjoys writing good quality articles about healthy food options and entertaining.

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