Preserving Basil's fragrance

Keeping the Basil Green: To make sure the basil does not oxidize during cutting, it is best to cut with a ceramic knife or break it up with your fingertips.

Keeping Basil Fresh on Pizza: To prevent fresh basil leaves placed on the pizza from drying out or burning during cooking, dip them in oil for a while first, then place them on the pizza, or place them on the pizza after it comes ready and out of the oven.

When to add Basil: Basil (like parsley, cilantro, and mint), is an herb that should be added at the end of the cooking process, otherwise it will lose some of its fragrance.

Two Ways to Preserve Basil: When there’s a lot of basil left and you don’t know what to do with the rest of it, add it to mixed green salads, fish, pasta dishes, chicken. If you still have leftover fresh basil, the solution is either to keep it dry or submerge it in olive oil.

1) Keeping Basil Dry - Remove the basil leaves from the stalks, wash and dry with a cloth and let stand for a few minutes to dry completely.
- Put the leaves in the sun on a plastic tray to dry even more.
- Place the dry leaves in a glass jar to use as needed. Keep in a cool dry place.

2) Preserving Basil in Olive Oil- Take a glass jar with a wide opening and fill it with fresh basil leaves that have been washed and dried. Overlapping and 
  extending them in the jar, add olive oil, pressing the leaves so that they remain covered with the oil. Continue to layer and
  overlap until you have used up all of the basil.
- Close the jar tightly and keep it in the refrigerator vegetable drawer.

Basil that is kept dry, but especially in oil retains much of its fragrance for many weeks.

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