Arancini Alla Leftover Risotto


When I make risotto, I always make extra so that I can refrigerate it and use it to make Arancini the next day. I save some time on making the Arancini (Small oranges) because the rice is ready to go.

Arancini aren't difficult to make if you have all your ingredients ready to go. You basically need to have two bowls ready to go. The first bowl with beaten eggs, salt and pepper, and second bowl with 2 parts Italian breadcrumbs and 1 part grated Parmesan cheese. Next, have a large skillet ready with a light hot oil. 

Scoop a couple of tablespoons of risotto in the palm of your hand, while your hand is cupped.
Add some filling of choice such as tomato sauce and chunks of cheese, of tomato sauce with meat and peas, cooked ground sausage and sauce, etc. Add a little more risotto on top and form a ball. Make sure that the filling is completely covered.
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Roll each ball into the beaten egg, and next into breadcrumb mixture. Be sure to shake off any excess breadcrumbs before placing int the hot oil. Cook on medium heat until the entire ball is golden. Remove from skillet and place on paper towel. Continue cooking all of the Arancini. Cool slightly before eating.

My family enjoys the risotto and the Arancini. It is so much easier to make it with leftover risotto. The rest is just a process. I find that making the Arancini with the risotto is much more flavorful than plain rice.  It adds a whole new dimension to the recipe. This could be viewed as gourmet Arancini, however, growing up, we made lots of things with leftovers, because we didn't have the funds to do otherwise.  We had to be creative with our leftover ingredients.  I have the funds today to do otherwise, but it is something inside of me that continues to cherish the old fashion way of cooking.  It allows me to be creative, so I continue to do it, and I love it!