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When it comes to an end of 2014 year, I realize that everything has moved so fast that I remember very little of everything that passed. I do remember well the support and love of my family, my doggies, and the people who to this day are still here with me on this journey. 

2015 must begin with new hope for all. Hope of a less hectic year, the re-beginning of taking better care of ourselves, spending more time with people we love, and continue to explore new possibilities to enrich our life’s. 

Good food starts with good basics. This year I will take more time to make my blogs more personal.  Select recipes that are still easy to make, with simple explanations, handy tips, and more photos.  I will show basic techniques to make superlative cuisine.  

My Trip to Melbourne, Australia
I had a magnificent time on our visit to see my in-laws in Melbourne, Australia during 2014 Thanksgiving season. I visited beaches, the animal sanctuary, water falls, vineries, and much more.  I savored incredible new Greek, Lebanese, and Turkish foods. I had delicious and remarkable saganaki, spanakopita, moussaka, and other delicious Greek favorites. The entire trip was magical. I visited lots of grocery stores and markets in search of new spices, salts and new recipes. While having many cappuccinos, I indulged in many pastries which were impossible to resist.  

Here are some photos of pastries I enjoyed during my trip which I would like to share with you. I will write the recipes, probably teach them in my cooking classes this year, and share them on my blog.

Basma Pastry
BASMA: Pronounced [bas-mah], it comes from the Lebanese word for “a smile”. Well, when you take your first bite, it will put a smile on your face.

Basma is made from Knafeh dough, then multiple layers of dough and nuts are stacked and baked. Basma is served as a dessert. It is usually served as part of Baklava assortments. Basma is mostly popular in Lebanon.
Namoura Pastry

Namoura is a traditional dessert, easy and yummy. Dense cake with Middle Eastern flavors like rose water and orange blossom water, and soaked with simple syrup. It's sweet, sticky, and delicious. Good for every occasion, great after a meal, or with tea or coffee.

Almond Birdnest Pastry

These “ birdnest” are pastry sweets, filled with almonds, usually given on holidays such as Eid and Ramadan and at other celebrations.

These Pyramid pastries can be made with many types of nut fillings. They are all in the baklava family. Each have their individual look and special flavor.  

Hazelnut Pyramid Pastry
Walnut Pyramid Pastry

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