How to transform a normal sandwich into a "gourmet" panino?

Panino with smoked turkey swiss cheese fresh arugula and grape tomatoes

Let's begin by saying that there are no laws but only golden rules. A golden rule is always to use the principles of common sense and good taste. The perfect match is what you like. I don't want to give you the recipe for the absolute panino, but I’ll try to explain what makes a panino successful.
·        Buy the bread the same day from a bakery ant not wrapped in plastic on a shelf.

·        Be sure the bread is fresh by squeezing it; it should bounce back at the touch.

·        Before you begin assembling the panino, taste the bread determine what ingredients will taste good and fit in nicely in that bread.

·       Decide who the star of the panino is going to be before buying ingredients.  Is the star the bread? The filling? The olive oil? The condiments? The entire panino?

·        Use only good quality cold cuts that have been just sliced that day, no cold cuts in plastic covers for our panini.

·        Use good quality, ripe, and fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, arugula, spring onions, caramelized onions, etc.

·        Make your own dressing with a good quality olive oil.

·       Experiment by using other types of dressing such as freshly made hummus, balsamic and olive oil dressing, garlic and saffron mayo, a light pesto, lemon and garlic, and more. Stay away from dressing in jars or bottles.

·       Make sure that you have enough ingredients that compliment the bread, but not so much that you cannot balance and eat with 2 hands.

·        Make mini sandwiches using various ingredients to test until you achieve what you love best.

·       Once you have achieved success, have a panini party and invite your favorite people.  Pair it with a good beer or wine.

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