A Good Espresso with Orange Zest Sugar

Espresso with oranze zest sugar

Selecting the right espresso coffee

We think that the darker the beans, the better the taste of espresso. Dark roasted coffee beans could make espresso taste a little bitter. Coffee beans should roast slowly and gently for a more sweet flavor and smell. Purchase good quality slow roasted coffee beans to make a good espresso. I am very lucky to have coffee sent to me by relatives in Italy or France.  However, when I run out, I search for the best coffee I can find.  I will purchase a ¼ pound of coffee in coffee shops or specialty store.  It’s an adventure that I like to have fun with, so I purchase a small amount, taste it, critic it, and then decide whether I will purchase that coffee again or not.
Making espresso

I am not by any means a coffee snob, but I do enjoy it. I refuse to purchase an expensive espresso maker that you must know the exact pressure and water temperature.  I don’t like reading manuals. That’s not for me; I use the old fashion Italian coffee pots that go right on my gas burner. I’ve been making my coffee this way for many decades and my parents and grandparents before me. If the coffee pot ain’t broken, why change it?

I do like to grind my own coffee right before I make a pot of coffee. I believe the beans stay fresher and moister until right before use.  I love my ritual of filling the bottom of the espresso pot; adding the ground coffee without pushing down on it too much.  I make sure the pot is screwed on just so, not loose and not too tight. I place the espresso pot on the burner at medium-low heat and wait for that wonderful perky sound that let’s me know that my coffee is almost ready.  Then I close my eyes and enjoy talking a deep breath as I smell the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed espresso.  Ahhh!

Drinking espresso

There is a rule in Italy, that milk does not have a place in an espresso cup.  Milk is meant to co-exist in a cappuccino and not  an espresso.  If you want to stay true to that rule, drink espresso without milk, add a little sugar, stir, and enjoy!

I like to add orange zest to my sugar jar and allow it to aromatize my sugar.  I use this sugar to sweeten my espresso coffee.  This extra little step, takes my experience of enjoying my espresso to the next level.  

Italian Espresso Pot

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