Fresh Lemonade from Tunis

4 large lemons, wash and pat dry
4 tablespoons granulated sugar, or to taste
8-10 fresh mint leaves, roughly chopped, no stems
4-8 cups water
A couple of ice cubes

1. If using Meyer’s lemons, cut the lemons into 4-8 smaller pieces with the skins on. Remove the pits. Add to the blender and follow step 3.
2. If using other lemons, remove the skin of the lemons and pits. Then cut into 4-8 smaller pieces and add the lemon pieces to the blender.
3. Add sugar, mint leaves to the lemon slices and blend well making sure that the lemons and the mint leaves are finely blended.
4. Next, add 4 cups of water and a few ice cubes and blend again. Taste. If the lemonade needs extra sugar add it to your taste. If the lemonade is too concentrated for you add a cup of water at a time and taste until you have achieved the desired taste.

On a warm Sunday afternoon, my father would take us for a walk to a park in Tunis where a lemonade stand street vendor would prepare and sell fresh lemonade and biscotti. Each time I prepare it at home, it brings back sentimental childhood memories of my family strolling in the park dipping biscotti in the cold and delicious lemonade.

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